Ultimate Guide To Use Indoor Plants As Home Decor

Having indoor plants at home can create an eco-friendly atmosphere at your home. At the end of the day, everyone wants to de-stress their mind and greeneries have the supremacy to enhance your room’s outlook and provide a pleasantry comfort to both eyes and mind.  It is best to use your free space by planting small plants to get rid of the monotonous machine-like routine. In this modern urban life, people always look for a way to refresh their minds after spending a hectic day, and research says greens or plants can instantly take you to a peaceful dimension.

It doesn’t matter where you are keeping your plants, from the master bedroom to veranda, you can put your greenery everywhere in your house and enjoy the fresh aromatic smell and pleasant for eyes. Indeed, indoor plants have become a crucial part of interior design because plants boost your mood and help you to think properly. You don’t have to be a plan expert or horticulturist to decorate your home with various plants, all you some is some proper tips.

Here are some tips for using plants as home decor

Choose Your Plant

Mother Nature has blessed us with various kinds of greeneries, and each of those has its characteristics and sacred ability to benefit every human being. As there are numerous colorful and quality plants available out there, one can easily become obscure about which one to buy and matches the home’s aura.

While you are choosing plants to decorate your home, you need to consider some factors such as space in the room, adjustable plant color, daylight access, and, most importantly, the theme you want to represent. Green blend with other colors can easily complement your home.

For instance, flower plants are widely known for its sweet-smelling, colorful, and vivid features. There are many flower species, and each can give you a pleasant experience. Usually, if you prefer bright, colorful plants, you can choose Bromeliads, African Violet, Poinsettia, Jasmine, Crown of Thorns, Orchids, and other species of flower obtainable within your reach.

Use Colorful Pots

Plant pots play the most crucial role in complementing your plant’s color and making it eye-catching in front of everyone. Generally, using colorful or white pots can make free space more beautiful. By choosing the perfect container for your plan, you can create a small indoor garden without damaging your house.

You are probably wondering what kind of pots can save both of your plants and house? Well, the answer to that question is you must consider plant type before buying a pot because you see many plants don’t need its water to be changed rapidly or cut its root, on the other hand, many needs closure attention almost every day. So take the right pot according to the nature of your plants.

Conventionally there are various types of plant containers available, such as concrete, metal, terra-cotta, stone container, pepper in grow bag, handsome hypertufa, zucchini, hanging plastic pot, resin planters, and lastly bamboo-made container.

However, you can get more creative by giving the flowering plant extra colorful and artistic design with DIY techniques.

Setup Your Plant Corner

It is ideal to choose a particular space of your room because keeping plants in hither and thither manner, and then your room will eventually look messier. Therefore when planning to use three or four single column plants in your living room, you should choose a suitable area.

The area you need to choose should have specific characteristics, and for example, the corner must have access to the minimum amount of sunlight because some plants need 6-7 hours of daylight to grow greener, matches with the color of your wall, and placed in convenient and moveable position.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter which room you are choosing for your indoor plant, all you need to do is pay attention to the aforementioned characteristics above so that you don’t have to face any hassle when you are creating a peaceful corner at your home.

Protect Your Plant

Plant’s sheer beauty attracts not only a human being but also various insects as well. As a result, those insects love plants so much that they want to take it away or eat it.

Bugs can indeed attack your plant anytime and destroy the flower you have been waiting to see bloom for so long. Annoying, isn’t it? Thus, the problem is here, then what can be the solutions?

Well, bugs to do love plants, but they hate pesticides to be sprayed on them. Whenever you see a bug on your plant, please don’t be late to mix some pesticides with water and spray it all over the tree. Subsequently, you can get rid of those bugs for a certain period as well as give you the most awaited gift.

Take A Good Care

Besides protecting your plants from bugs, you should take care of your plant with fertilizer and water timely. Plants have life, and they grow up, offer benefits such as fragrant flowers, green leaves for positivity, or fruits to get more vitamin.

On average, indoor plants live around 2 to 5 years, approximately based on the nature of the plants. So if you can take care of your plant correctly, there is a good chance it can live for such years.

Over-watering is one of the common mistakes. This blunder can kill your plant almost instantly. To measure the water correctly, you should pour the water slowly so that you can understand that the water is not encumbered all the soil at once.

Another factor is that fertilizers play the most crucial role in determining the growth and lifespan of your tree. You can find various kinds of ‘indoor fertilizers’ in a garden shop. Though there are some specific fertilizers for blooming plants, you can use the general nourishment for your indoor plants.

Artificial Plant Role

If you have kids, pets, or both in the house, it sometimes becomes troublesome to keep them away from your plants. Fortunately, you can always go for the artificial plants to use them as indoor ones to decorate your home. Unlike organic plants, artificial plants need almost no take care at all also, it almost does the same task as the natural plants do.

With an aesthetic pot, foam, and colorful stones, you can create an artificial plant to pleasure your eyes with its multiple color. However, you can create artificial plants with paper, cotton, or other materials without spending much. Once there is a will, there’s a way.

To summarize, plants, with immense power, can increase the pleasure of living experience because it can create such a beautiful, colorful and vivid vibe that stress can never touch you. Many psychologists suggest that greeneries and fresh air can help one to boost their thinking and mental health. So, it would be best if you decorated your home with indoor plants for your benefits.

Moreover, in terms of decorating, there is no limit to stop. It is your house or room, so take the opportunity and utilize every corner from shelves to reading table organize; however, you like it because you only live once, so Go Green!

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