Bedroom Design Ideas – Create Your Own Happy Place

The bedroom is the place for rest. This room must have a balanced, calm atmosphere that turns it into a happy place. Good comfortable bed, nice color pattern, quality materials, and smart interior decisions are necessary details of the modern bedroom design. Sometimes a bedroom is not only a bed and a nightstand. You may have to place a wardrobe, commode, or even a working desk in the room. 

There are several simple and easy to follow tools that will help to preserve the harmony, not to overload your bedroom with furniture and still have a balanced, functional space in the room.

What furniture do you need in the bedroom?

First of all, it is necessary to determine the functions of a bedroom. Some people only sleep there. Some also keep their clothes, towels, and home textile in the room and therefore except for the bed have to put a massive wardrobe in the bedroom. Beauty stands, bookshelves and even a desk for study and work are also possible elements that you might have to place in the room. That is why proper zoning is important to keep the room comfortable, functional, and pleasant to be in.

Of course, the main element of the bedroom is the bed. After you find a perfect place for the bed, you may start thinking about arranging the rest of the furniture. The golden rule for bedroom design – there should be at least 70cm between pieces of furniture.

Determining the style

While determining the style of the bedroom it is important to consider several factors. Of course the owner of the main one. A minimalistic hi-tech design, that is so popular among young people nowadays may be unappropriated for a toddler or an elderly person. 

It is also important to understand if you are ready to take care of the bedroom furniture and textile. Let`s say pompous Arabic or Classical designs have a lot of quite demanding elements like velvet, crystal, and wood. At the same time, Nordic Scandinavian designs, so popular now, have a lot of bright colors in them and therefore might also be quite demanding.

Color patterns of modern bedrooms are more pastel. Flashy and contrast colors step back. If you want to make a color accent in the better, you might consider different shades of the same palette.


Generally, the lighting in the room where a person is supposed to rest should be low. But in the case when a bedroom might contain a working desktop or a beauty corner, there should be a possibility to tune the lights accordingly.

While picking up a chandelier, you should consider the size of the room. If it`s too big, it will “eat” space instead of illuminating it. At the same time, it might look ridiculous. But if the room is really, you might consider using several sets of lightning in different parts of the room instead of one centralized chandelier. In this case, it would be easier to adjust the lighting and create an intimate cozy atmosphere.

Let`s say you have some other furniture in the bedroom except for a bed. In this case, you should separate the room into several independent zones and therefore each part of the room should have a different lighting scheme. The bedroom area needs low mellow warm lightning. On the contrary, a beauty stand or a working desk always requires bright light. That is why it is impossible to use only one source of light in the bedroom if it has any other purposes except for sleeping.

Design Elements

Proper furniture and lightning are crucial for any design. But if you want your room to look alive, to get some individuality, you should always remember about small decorative accents that turn “a bedroom” into “Your bedroom”

The universal and the most popular design solution for every bedroom is textiles. Curtains, pillows, and blankets make the room look livable and cozy right away. The modern bedroom design requires all textiles in the room to correspond to the same color pattern. The curtains might be a bit brighter – it will automatically make the room look bigger and brings more daylight. It is quite common to change the textile in the bedroom according to the season. This simple adjustment helps you to make visible design changes in the room according to your mood without the need to conduct a total renovation.

You may always use something very personal to make a design accent in the room and give it more individuality. For example, one wall may be decorated with your favorite family pictures. Or you might use some antique commode or a chest that transfers in the family from generation to generation. A big mirror will enlarge the room visually and become a nice design element if placed in some original frame. At the same time, it is important not to overload the room with such elements. In this case, you may find yourself sleeping in a dusty museum.

Plants are one more design solution that is appropriate for any style. They automatically bring life into the room, and green, earthy colors make the space look cozy and bring harmony. It is important to remember that not all plants may be used in the bedroom. Some of them consume much oxygen, others may produce odors that pump you up instead of relaxing. You should discuss the possibility of using plants in the bedroom with a specialist before making any decisions.

The bedroom is an intimate, personal space. It is not the room where you would invite your friends and neighbors. At the same time, it is important to make sure that the atmosphere created in the room is pleasant and appropriate for you personally. This should be the room, where you want to come back after a long day. A place, where you find peace and can relax utterly – your happy place. Proper zoning, comfortable furniture, nice textile are the most important elements for a cozy and convenient design. At the same time, it is important to remember about a small personal touch that will turn the room into your universe.

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