Add Outstanding Accents in Your Interior

Modern design is not only about the same style of furniture and textile according to a specific color pattern. An interior should have some kind of accent to look modern and fresh. Those might be color accents, pictures, artwork, or any other elements that catch an eye. It is important to observe balance in this case, so the house will not turn into a circus tent and the desired design pattern would be observed.

Color Accents

Color is the most obvious tool that may create an accent in the decor. Let`s say you have a beige bedroom. In this case, a bright blue carpet or a green vase in the corner may create the desired effect. It is important to understand that an accent should be a unique spot and not be repeated. Otherwise, it loses its purpose and the room becomes patchy. A sense of proportion is the main rule that should be observed if you want to create a color accent.

It is also important to do understand that the color accent should be contrasting. If the color you want to use is only one more shade of the average color pattern in the design, it is one more additional color, but not an accent. For example, if your room has a beige color pattern, you should not try to use brown or white as an accent color. The idea will be lost. Using blue, lilac or bright yellow would be a perfect solution in this case.

There is a simple rule that will help you to make the room more vivid and lively using color accents and not to go into extremes:

·      60% – the basic color

·      30% – additional color (different shades of the basic color)

·      10% – accent color (contrast to the basic and additional colors)

Placement of the Accents

Accents are aimed to make the room livelier and reflect the individuality of people who live in the house. They may reflect personal taste and preferences or correspond to color-therapy rules. For example, it is widely known that red and orange stimulate appetite and therefore are very appropriate for kitchen and dining areas. Green is a relaxing color and is a perfect solution for a bedroom.

The easiest way to create a color accent in the room is by painting one of the walls with a contrast color. It may also be balanced with a piece of furniture or artwork of the same shade, placed on the other side of the room.


If you are not ready for wall painting or any other renovation in your house, you may use artwork as an accent in the room. 

Placing any kind of artwork in the room has always been considered as an expression of taste and even the wealth of the owners. Nowadays Pictures and statuettes are much more affordable but are also used to mark that people, who live in the house have an exquisite sense of beauty.

One big or several small pictures in the same style and color pattern may be a great artistic accent in the room. You may also put a piece of furniture of the same color to make the connection. This is a simple tool for creating accents that can be used in any designs – from country to hi-tech and loft. 

Creating color accents with artwork is also extremely handy. In case your mood or preferences change or you decide to create any seasonal decor (for example, Christmas or Easter), accenting with artwork is the fastest and cheapest way to do it.

Textile in the Modern Decor

Most designers claim that you should pick up the textile for your room at the same moment when you decide which style and color pattern will be used in the interior. Textile is one of the most important parts of modern design. It is also a great way to make changes in case you are not ready for any major renovation process. It is also a great way to make seasonal changes in the room. For example, in the winter, faux fur, knitted blankets, and thick curtains will make you feel warm and cozy. On the contrary, summer designs require bright colors, fine textures, and light materials.

Let`s say, a contrast-colored piece of furniture may be a good accent element in the room. But if you are not ready to buy a new couch or a sofa, you may use textiles to make the furniture more diverse and vivid. Colorful cushions and blankets combined with curtains of the same shade will bring a breeze of fresh air to the dullest monochrome interior. 

It is important to remember that pillows and curtains are not the only available home textile. Table covers, towels, and even bathrobes can give a fresh touch to your kitchen or bathroom.

Other Means to Create an Accent

As we already understood, you don`t always have to make a full renovation to bring new life to your interior. There are lots of means to create nice and fashionable design accents.

Plants are one of the most popular and eco-friendly design solutions nowadays. They look great in any interior. Scandinavian decor, which is so popular nowadays, widely uses plants as accents. It is very easy to find nice, undemanding succulents and ivies that will give a fresh touch to any room. It is important to mark out that the flowerpots themselves may also serve as accent design elements.

A coffee table is one of the most popular assents among modern designers. It may be functional and beautiful at the same time. The things that you place on it may represent your personal preferences and create the proper mood in the room where all the family members come together. Magazines and books, decorative vases with fruits, flowers, or potpourri are wonderful decorative elements that will turn your coffee table into a fashionable design accent of the living room. If you put all those decorative elements on a tray, it will be easy to move them in case you need to use the coffee table as an actual table. 

Don’t be afraid to play and experiment with different color patterns and design elements. Creating the decor of your dream may appear easier than you think! 

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