52 Great Gift Ideas For Those Who Have Everything

If you are looking for great gift ideas for those who seem to have everything, there are many places to draw inspiration from. Web sites, nature, television, furniture, and books can give you ideas that you can build on when creating great gifts. The first thing to do is to think about the person you want to buy for. What are their tastes, hobbies, and other personality quirks that you can think of? Brainstorming will give you some good ideas to start from. Hobbies such as gardening, walking, and refinishing old furniture can yield many ideas. You may want to buy walking shoes, home interior gifts, or unusual gifts that represent one of their hobbies.

Some people have exciting careers that may help you when you are looking for gift ideas. You may want to ask what they need for their job or what they may want that will help them perform their job even better. Items such as Totes shoes, organizers, and massagers, may be the perfect gifts. Other gifts include briefcases, computer equipment and supplies, and a cozy pair of slippers. You can also learn more about what they do and find books and other items that they may enjoy.

As seen on TV products are usually clever gadgets that people need for daily chores, food preparation, and other activities. If the person who has everything likes tv products, you should find out which ones they have and which ones they need. Buying a few small items and putting them together into a gift box is another gift idea. You can fill these boxes with unique gifts for housewares, gifts for men, and health and beauty aids. You can order these products online or by phone. You will not have to spend hours shopping and you will end up with some great gifts.

If you receive GIF catalog in the mail, you should flip through it to find gifts for your friends and family. Practical gifts including laundry bags, gifts for women, furniture covers, and discount clothing can all be found in catalogs such as carol wright gifts. Catalogs are also great ways to get ideas for items that you want to purchase for yourself. If you need hair removal products, sexual aids, weight loss pills, cortislim, and health aids they can be found in catalogs. Gifts for holidays, birthdays, and special occasions do not have to difficult to find. By shopping in stores, web sites, and catalogs, you will find gifts to give to others. You will also find coral calcium, gator grip, weight loss products, chair covers, hair remover, draperies, and rugs. When you find sales on bedspreads and curtains, you should take advantage of them. Furniture slip covers are also items that you should purchase when you find a sale. When buying gifts for others, you may find yourself buying gifts that you can use also. If you have a rooster themed kitchen or gopher problems in your yard, what better time to look for these items then when you are buying items for others? Contour pillows and orthotics are items you should not pass up when you find them.

Now, I am describing 52 Great Gift Ideas For Those Who Have Everything.

1. Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

Even on the darkest of mornings, they can wake up with the sun thanks to this sunrise simulation lamp that’s so much more than that. It also functions as a nightlight and an alarm clock, and comes with seven natural sounds to make dozing off easier than ever.

2. Foreo Luna 3 for Normal Skin

Give the gift of glowing skin with the Foreo Luna 3, a gentle, ultra-hygienic silicone brush that does double-duty, with bristles that deep-clean and a firming surface that tackles fine lines. The end results (healthier, smoother, softer skin) are priceless.

3. Custom Colsen Portable Fire Tabletop

This portable fire tabletop fueled by smokeless, odorless, bio ethanol or rubbing alcohol can be used indoor or outdoor. This Fireplace will make any space the place to be.

4. Mandy’s 20pcs White Flowers Artificial Tulip – Real Looking Tulips

Flower is made of soft Polyurethane, stem is made of Plastic. Our designer used the color of real tulips as a reference to create variety of colors. Hope they looks more like real flowers. In addition, the designers use their imagination to give this tulip more colors, symbolizing a colorful life. We hope to give people who like tulips a good life experience, and more colors are still being continuously updated. This artificial tulip Specific uses for home décor.

5. Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station with Wireless Charging

The man who has everything assuredly has too many devices in constant need of charging. Satechi’s dock makes things all nice and neat, with two different USB ports, a Qi-enabled wireless charging pad, and crucially, only one cord to plug into the wall.

6. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Even if she sets it and forgets it, she can eventually come back to her cup to sip on something warm. How so? This app-controlled mug keeps her drink at the ideal drinking temperature (somewhere between 120ºF – 145ºF) for up to 1.5 hours after the initial pour.

7. Rechargeable Hand Warmer

If she’s always cold, she’ll appreciate this hand warmer that’s compact enough to carry wherever she goes. It heats up in minutes (it reaches 107 degrees) and once it’s fully charged, it will keep her digits toasty for up to four hours.

8. A Scratch-off World Map

I love this map. I have always wanted to keep track of the countries/states/provinces I’ve traveled to and this is the perfect way for me to see what next adventure I need to head off to. I saw this at my nephew’s home and he gifted it to me. It’s a great gift to give to a young adult not only to understand countries and locations, but also to allow them to dream and as they begin their travels to remind them of where they’ve been. A truly great product!

9. CHARLOTTILY Barnd Unisex Lightweight Hoodie – Best sweatshirt I have owned!

I love The Office and when I saw this sweatshirt I immediately ordered it. I got it today and it is the perfect fit. So soft and warm, and it looks exactly like it does in the pictures. Very impressed and recommend it 100%.

10. Ukoke Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner With Timer

The Ultrasonic cleaner can be used as jewelry cleaner, glass cleaner, denture cleaner, eyeglass cleaner, watch cleaner, coin cleaner, lab instruments cleaner and more. Cleaning in minutes using only tap water. Prefect for Eyeglasses shop, jewelry shop, clocks and watch shop, repair shop, hospital, dental clinics, denture cleaner, laboratory electronic workshop, office and household use.

11. Corto TRULY 100% Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

We call it TRULY 100% Extra-Virgin Olive Oil because this full-bodied olive oil is the real deal. It is common for extra virgin olive oils to go rancid on the shelf, which is why we’ve gone to extra lengths to protect ours.

What makes us different is that we don’t wait until winter when the olives are over-ripe. Instead, we harvest in the fall, when the olives are at the peak of freshness: green, with just a hint of violet. Olives then come to our mill to produce brilliant oil.

We store the oil in a climate-controlled cellar until packaged. We taste test each batch before packaging it in a proprietary oxygen-free FlavorLock Box. This protects the oil from flavor damaging light and air to the very last drop. There’s a reason our extra virgin olive oil is used by chefs. It’s because we hand-craft our oils to match their use.

12. I Wrote a Book About You

Tug on their heartstrings with this fill-in-the blank book to jot down everything you love about them. It features illustrations and prompts throughout to help spark your thoughts.

13. Frames Audio Sunglasses – Bose Brand

He owns sunglasses and he owns headphones, but does he own audio sunglasses that double as headphones, with tiny, built-in speakers? Probably not!

14. Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

This top-rated Bluetooth-enabled gadget will let your iPhone photographer friend bring their snaps into the physical realm and take their creativity to new heights. Printers are not dead.

15. Large Capacity Cosmetic Storage Box

If they already have every skin-care product known to mankind, give their serums a home with this compact organizer from Amazon.

16. Beast Blender + Hydration System

The BEAST blender makes Vitamix and NutriBullet look like child plays. Not only does its blade has a brain that automatically determines speed and power, it can also crush frighteningly well through frozen food without making much of a fuss.

17. Pentair Rocean Reservoir

If he doesn’t have a countertop water filter, by all means, get him one. One that actually looks good, like the Reservoir and doesn’t require plumbing, that is.

18. Glamour: 30 Years of Women Who Have Reshaped the World

Spark some inspiration with a collection of Glamour’s iconic Women of the Year, spanning three decades of ceiling-shattering achievements that have reshaped our world and paved the way for a more equitable tomorrow.

19. Gaobei Perpetual Calendar

He might have it all, but does he always know what day it is? Thought not. This modern Wooden Calendar calendar will keep him on track.

20. Smart Moon Lamp

Bring him the moon. Then he’ll become the guy who truly has everything.

21. Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer

A chic little fridge to keep their face masks cool and their cold brew at the ready.

22. Sony LSPX-S3 Glass Sound Speaker

A speaker with candle-like LED illumination will do justice to Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind”, both poetically as in the name, and sonically via its 360-degrees all-directional audio.

23. Celestron – AstroMaster 130EQ-MD Newtonian Telescope

A Newtonian telescope for the man who’s been through every joy and opulence of life, except for the wonder of losing himself amongst the stars.

24. Arcade 1Up 32″ Screen Infinity Game Table

One of our hands-down favorite gadgets, this digital screen brings all the best board games into his living room. Gather round.

25. Kelsey Crossbody

You can’t go wrong with giving her a new purse. But since she probably already has a closet full of ’em, stick with a classic style that she can use for any occasion, like this structured camera bag that earned a coveted spot on the Oprah’s Favorite Things list. It’s cute and compact, but practical enough for day-to-day use, all thanks to the three zippered pockets and two interior compartments.

26. The Best-Ever Cookie Book

She may think that she’s tried and tasted it all, but this cookbook will prove otherwise. Recipes range from classic Christmas cookies (simple sugar cookies) to fruit-filled bars (blueberry crumb bars), all tried, tested and tasted by the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen.

27. HEAD LIGHTZ Beanie with Light

Perfect for walking the dog, going for a run or outside chores, the rechargeable LED light in this beanie makes the dark winters a little bit brighter (not to mention, warmer).

28. Mighty Bright Recharge Clip-On LED Light

Nudge the social media addict in the right direction with this aesthetically pleasing book light that might finally put an end to their late-night scrolling sprees.

29. Wine Decanter With Stopper

The best gift for the family member whose pandemic mantra was (and is) “wine not.”

30. Nekteck Foot Massager With Heat

Anyone who spends hours on their feet will be eternally grateful for this top-rated foot massager that will soothe their soles with the press of a button.

31. AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden

An AeroGarden is perfect for the guy who loves a fresh herb in a homemade dish, especially if he grew that herb on the countertop in the dead of winter himself.

32. Nanoleaf Lines Smarter Kit

It’s decor of the future: a starter kit of smart, interactive light panels that he can arrange how he likes and program to his preferences for a bespoke light show in his own home. Even better: They react to music as well.

33. Ridley’s Pop Culture Trivia Deck

Pop culture buffs will be able to flex their knowledge with this card game which quizzes them on music, TV, and films from the last four decades.

34. Levoit Air Purifier

Amazon has tons of practical gadgets to gift friends and family, like this Levoit Air Purifier. It’s ideal for getting rid of stuffiness and resetting the vibes in every nook and cranny of their home.

35. The Toaster

Harnessing the subtle powers of steam, the Balmuda Toaster churns out perfectly golden, crunchy-but-fluffy bread. Pizza, bagels, and pastries, too. Which is to say: It is far from your average toaster oven.

36. Get Together Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Surprisingly loud for its size, even for outdoor gigs, courtesy of Bob Marley’s family—that’s rare. Crafted in eco-friendly fabric and sustainable bamboo—now that’s just one-of-a-kind.

37. Ubuntu Life Men’s Handmade Flat Mules

Much more well-crafted and eye-catching than his UGG slippers, let’s just say that.

38. Theragun PRO Percussion Therapy Gun

For hyperactive people, this professional-grade massage gun takes recovery to pro league levels. It uses vibration to activate, warm up, and cool down muscles faster and more effectively, with features that’ll make them feel as if they’ve got LeBron’s athletic team on call.

39. DJI Mini 2

Air travel will get new meaning when he takes to the skies with DJI’s inconspicuous, entry-level drone. It’ll capture astonishing images and video (and follow air-space regulations).

40. Ardent FX Decarboxylator

For the weed illiterate: Decarboxylation is the process through which cannabis is activated, unlocking its effects for human consumption. That means this machine melts, infuses, extracts, and bakes small amounts of cannabis for big edible effect—the ideal DIY gift for the guy who tinkers with THC on his own time.

41. Smartphone Screen Magnifier

Magnify any TV shows, movies or videos and watch them on a 14″ screen. Just place the phone on the stand, press play and view them without any eye or neck strain.

42. TheraBox Self Care Subscription Box

Give her self-care in a box with a monthly subscription to Therabox. Each monthly box caters to a different theme, but they’re all packed with up to eight wellness goodies that’ll encourage her to take a breath, everything from mood-boosting teas to calming essential oils.

43. HP Sprocket Instant Photo Printer

This pocket-size gadget lets them turn their phone camera roll into something tangible. Connect it to Bluetooth, customize photos with stickers and hand-drawn designs, and print out 2″ x 3″ photos for all to see.

44. TMKEFFC Portable Smoker Infuser

Once they add batteries and wood chips, your home chef can use this smoking gun to add bold, smoky flavors to any dish. Or if they want to step up their cocktail game, they can use it to take their Old Fashioned or other classic drinks to another level.

45. Burt’s Bees Repair Cream Set

This gift box has everything your coworker needs to combat cracked skin that winter winds bring. (The items in it also make for great stocking stuffers if you’re gifting multiple people—just saying.)

46. StowCo Portable Beer and Wine Cooler Bag

The next time they’re heading to a barbecue or festival, they can pack up beer cans or wine bottles in this insulated bag and tote it with ease. No ice or cooler packs needed — just start out with cold drinks and they’ll keep their chill.

47. Travel Blanket

She can keep this little pouch in her bag, then pull it out when she catches a chill. Open it up to reveal a lightweight wrap, which can also be used as a scarf, pillow, blanket or shawl.

48. BCOZZY Travel Pillow

After going through several travel pillow styles, I finally tried this one. Liked it so much my husband had to have one. Liked both of them so much, we gave one as a gift and received rave reviews. Would also like to mention that they work great when you are in the recliner watching TV and falling asleep. No more twisted neck pain when you wake up 🙂

49. 1,000 Foods To Eat Before You Die: An awesome book

FABULOUS book! I bought a hardback for a gift, kept the softcover for myself. It’s like a food history, travelogue, and cookbook in one. SO MUCH fun. Organized by countries/regions/ethnicities. I’m rather well-informed about (and like to eat and cook) international dishes. This has many familiar ones but many more new adventures to try!

50. Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket for Couch

My dog is completely obsessed with this blanket. Where ever the blanket is, he is. It’s so soft and warm, he loves it, therefore I love it!

51. Personalized Authentic Logo Coffee Cups

Love this cup! It’s easy to clean and use. I love the fact that you can personalize the label. Very happy. My coworkers ordered some too.


It’s a beautiful, creative piece that really complements my desk. It’s super easy to set up— wonderfully simple, really. It’s smaller than I expected, but I think it actually works better as a desk piece this way. As a wall mount, it may be a little small to work effectively (it could be hard to read from far away and wouldn’t take up much space as decor on a blank wall). The design is genius, though. It’s such a fun, innovative clock and work of art.

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